April 10, 2016


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bill kelman

Bill Kelman (Founder) is a multi-faceted producer, executive and filmmaker.   He has sold projects to Warner Brothers, New World Pictures, ProSieben/Sat1, RTL, Paramount and various independents.  He worked for IFS, as an executive and learned finance from the company’s principal, who was pioneer in insurance backed film funds and raised $300M through a German tax shelter for cult director Uwe Boll. Kelman was a production and creative consultant on “Manahi”, Arabic language comedy shot in Egypt and Dubai, financed by Prince Waleed Bin Talel (Fox Studios, Citibank, Four Season, Rotana). He wrote and produced “The Man Who Would Be Fred” that appeared in 25 film festival around the world. He is also a founding shareholder in Cosmic Forces, Inc., a top mobile app and VFX company based out of San Francisco. More recently he is an executive producer on the upcoming “Honor”, a Stanley Kubrick screenplay set during the civil war. Other Kubrick projects are “Lunatic at Large” based on a Stanley Kubrick/Jim Thompson collaboration and “God Fearing Man”, a TV mini series the French company Media Muskateers. He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of American, IASTSE and the Teamsters. He has been a judge for the Nicholls Fellowship screenwriting program sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for eighteen years and many others.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and went to the American Film Institute on a screenwriting fellowship.  He has lectured at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy and other school film programs.