April 10, 2016

foreign language


Written by Bill Kelman
Director Dian Jia
Producer: Bill Kelman
Co-Producer: San Wei Chan
Cinematographer: Zhao Fei
Cast: TBD
Location: China
Genre: Family Drama (Chinese Language)

Logline: A poor Chinese man goes to extraordinary lengths to save the swans in his community as told by his daughter.



Written by Zane W. Levitt and Brian Brock
Based on a Novella by: Jo Ellen Collins and Zane Levitt
Producers: Bill Kelman, Zane W. Levitt, Walter Navas
Cast: Geraldo Taracena, Adriana Barraza and Jordi Molla
Location: Mexico
Genre: Drama (Spanish Language)

Logline: A young boy struggles to keep him family together against all odds