April 10, 2016

television series

Writers: M. Ghiorgi and Y. Gurvitz
Producer: Bill Kelman and Steve Lanning
Director: TBD
Genre: Historical Drama
Logline: The Jews flee Spain as the Spanish Inquisition ramps up.
10 Episodes per season for Five Seasons


Director: Sallas De Jager
Writer: Stephen R. Clarke
Producers: Steve Lanning, Cliff Lanning, Sallas De Jager, Bill Kelman
Co-Producer: Jeffrey Braer
Cast: TBD
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror Thriller

Logline: A pulse bomb goes off in a high security building, knocking out anything digital or electronic. Workers in a video game company have to make it out of the building chased by unleashed terror.



Forlan Films, Ltd.

based on a Stanley Kubrick/Jim Thompson story
Director: TBD
Writer: Stephen Clarke
Producers: Steve Lanning and Phil Hobbs, David Zander
Executive Producers: Bill Kelman, Dan Reardon, Ayesha Walsh
Cast: TBD
Genre: Thriller

Logline: A maniac escapes a mental hospital that results in violence, mayhem and a surprise twist.



Writer: Samantha Lee
Producer: Steve Lanning, Bill Kelman
Director: TBD
Genre: Family Drama

Logline: Wounded Afghanistan war vet comes back with wounded army dog to regain their lives and inspire others.



Writer: Stephen Clarke
Producer: Steve Lanning, Stephen Clarke, Bill Kelman
Director: TBD
Cast: TBD

Logline: An FBI agent finds out that he’s really the Devil, who digs up the hard to solve serial killer cases. He drops in unannounced to solve crimes.



Writer: Stephen Clarke
Producer: Steve Lanning, Bill Kelman
Director: TBD
Genre: Paranormal thriller
Location: TBD
Logline: Turn of the century ghost busters
NOTE: TV Series



Producer: Bill Kelman, Steve Lanning
Writer: Bill Kelman
Genre: Comedy Hybrid

Logline:  The biggest film director in the world crashes and burns and is stuck making EPKs and plots his comedy.